Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some new wishes and an adjustment for the wishes below. I couldn't resist and I ordered some (and more!) at Bits & Bobs . I hope they arrive soon! I bought the lovely Santas and , of course, the little Reading Girl. How could I not, being a librarian??

But there is still plenty to wish for ....
** Purchased** The Stitching Parlor - Mr. Collin's Humble Abode

Dames of the Needle - The Sampler Purse
Sampler Girl - In The Garden With Jane Austen Stitching Bag

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ann70821 said...


Thanks for the offer of the PIF! Looking at your blog we have such similar tastes...

I don't have an email address to get in contact with you, but you can reach me at

I've got several of the Sampler Girl charts in my stash, if there are any you are interested in just let me know. If I have it I'll be happy to PIF it to you!